Who is Bradley Matusiak?

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Mr. Bradley Matusiak is a Javascript Developer inspired to help build the new online i/o world. Brad was born in December of 1986. He lives in Saint Augustine, Florida. Brad has worked in the Web community since he was 15 years old and he uses many technoligies in his software like Node.js and HTML5. Brad spends his time working on his own ideas at home, while spending time with his family. He use to work at PIP Printing, but in 2011 he decided to start living his dream as a web developer.

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Brad's Development

See his github.com account to see what he contributed to.

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Here are some ways to get in contact with Brad.
  • Email: brad @ bmatusiak.us
  • Phone: +1 (904) 827-7848
  • Twitter: @bradleymatusiak
  • Facebook: bmatusiak86
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